Our Story

Keep going,…
a slogan stitched on the hearts of all that come to see a Lowbau show.

For over a decade this band has been surpassing trends and scenes, borders and miles, labels and bookers.
Blessed with a DIY spirit and driven only by passion, the bands efforts have gotten them to both edges of Europe and got them gigs with the likes of Crowbar, Eyehategod, Grand Magus and many, many more.
Bars, clubs, weddings, no stage is unworthy to Lowbau, no crowd is too large or too small.
Their first record “The EP“ as well as the follow up album“A darker shade of blues” were well received amongst the Heavy listeners.
On 24. December 2016 they handed out another lethal blow called “Urban Voodoo”.

Currently they are working on their upcoming record which is planed to be released mid 2020.If you catch their name on a poster near you, grab a cold one and get your ass to the venue.
You won’t be disappointed.
Keep going…